The Anthology

The mythical work of Moni Yossef and Smadar Yaaron
Zelma Greenwald, a holocaust survivor, is alive and kicking at the Acco Theater Center. Two things keep her alive, her only son, with whom she has a complicated relationship, and the piano.
“When they ask me how I survived those years, I always say it was the piano that saved me… We can tell a story of a period, a people, an individual, through music.” The audience is welcomed around Zelma’s piano, to sip a glass of cognac and witness her thoughts as an active partner dialoging with her.
Critics say:
“A moment of kindness… Smadar Yaaron has a magical power… She hypnotizes her audience…” Elyakim Yaron, Maariv
“A brave show… Exciting and original…” Hong Kong
“A powerful work that penetrates and sips into all of us…” Hamburger, Germany
“Hypnotizing actors… give us substantial contents through humor and lightness…” Le Marseille, France
“They bring to life our demons and the skeletons in our closets without inhibitions and with a lot of love…” Swiss Paper, Switzerland
The show was part of international festivals:
Berlin, Hamburg, Saltsburg, Brussels, Lubin (Belgium), Dijon, Avignon (France), Parma and Volterra (Italy), Linz, Munich, Japan and Hong Kong and more…