A lovely classical Italian story about Pinocchio – the wooden boy – his father-creator Geppetto and the cricket.
A complex adventure story filled with wonders about a simple wooden doll that has miraculously come to life and turned into a real boy.
The show deals with significant values of honesty, integrity and humanity, through the internal and external world of the boy, and teaches how to be a real person distinguishing between right and wrong, always remembering to listen to the heart and the inner conscience.
A combination of movement and acting, music and dance, suited for children aged 3 -10. Show duration: approximately 50 minutes
Based on the story by Italian author Carlo Collodi
Arrangement and direction: Maisra Masri
Musical arrangement: Firas Roby, Smadar Yaaron, Nasser Khalkhla
Set: Lyudmila
Masks: Khalil Kadura
Costumes: Tanya Khiluk
Acting: Maisra Masri, Rachel Zinder, Moti Tamam, Meytal Mor