Hoosh Boosh

Creation of the “Almanara” (the lighthouse) group
The show “Hoosh Boosh” is a social comicsatiric show, dealing with “sensitive” issues common in the Arab society living inside the walls of the old city. Poverty, unemployment, violence and especially self-criticism are manifested in a unique theatrical language sung with humor and music.
The “Almanara” group is an independent group of creators and actors born in old Akko, socially active in its alleys and community centers, each member through their distinctive artistic tool – musicians, actors, jugglers, and video artists.
In the show itself, each creator will contribute their personal and artistic share in bringing from their world and surroundings personal stories that will shift the experience from a local personal story to a universal human experience. The work language will be interactive, breaking the fourth wall barrier and taking the viewers on a journey into the personal and general, in which sensitive secrets are exposed through music, singing and “real acting”.
One of the work’s goals is to stimulate society, and especially youth, to expose them to such art coming from within the community and appearing in front of it – that is, opening up and raising its social issues openly instead of sweeping them under the rug.
“Hoosh Boosh” is a (slang) term expressing the desire to break the ice and hang the dirty washings without hesitation.
Writing and direction: Maisra Masri
Songs: Her Fudi, Firas Roby
Photography: Gassan Kshash
Lighting and sound: Moni Omar
Acting producer: Muhammad Zidan
Camal Roby, Ihab Khaskia, Ali Ali, Fuad Ayid, Rami Zidan, Ali Asdi, Ahmed Suidan


חוש בוש