Smadar Yaaron

Smadar Yaaron
Smadar Yaaron
Multidisciplinary creator, one of the founders of the Acco Theatre Center

Multidisciplinary creator, one of the founders of the Acco Theatre Center (1985) and a development partner of the unique working language of the Center and the methodology of the work language of the total creating artist.

Engages in the development of artistic encounters between extended genres of the performing art such as music, dancing and intercultural practice in these fields.

Art director of the Acco Theatre Center, the Dance Greenhouse, and The Arabic Monologue Masrahid Festival of the Acco Theatre Center.

Co-Director of the Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre together with Moni Yosef in the years 2008-2012.

Art Director of the Tools Testing Festival 2013

Teacher at the Western Galilee College and at the Academy of Performing Arts.

Performs frequently with her works of art (The Anthology, Wish upon a Star, Um Muhammad) in international festivals.

Recently won the Michael Landau’s Performing Arts’ actress award of Mifal Hapayis.

Winner of awards in this country (Israel) and the world for her work as a creating actress. Won the Actress Award for “Second generation memories of the lap of the old city” – Acco Festival 1988

Actress award for “Work makes you free from the dead land of Europe” [free translation], Acco Festival 1991

Meir Margalit Award

Actress Award, Zurich Festival, Switzerland, 1996

The Best Play Award at the Du Oman Festival, Habima, 1998

Candidate at the last stage for the Theatre Best Actress Award 2006.

Winner of the Golden Porcupine Award 2013 for her work “Um Muhammad”

Landau Prize Laureate of the Performing Arts of Mifal Hapayis 2012.