The Acco Theater Center was established in January 1985 by David Maayan and a group of actors. The center was founded as result of a need for total autonomy. Artistic freedom refers to choosing the material, the work process, the artistic product and its presentation.
The members of the center defined two goals in their work: one is artistic – creating a unique theater language – and the other is social activity as a community.
Today, the center is considered a unique and important phenomenon in the Israeli cultural area.
Its influence is evident in encouraging groups of creators, as well as single artists, to create out of a commitment to the work materials, out of an honest reference to the world in which they create, in the external circles – society and politics – to the internal circles of personal material.

The Theater Center now hosts theater and music groups working in it. The theater budget is made up of the Ministry of Education appropriations and self incomes.